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Online Urgent Care Services In New Jersey

Evolution Telemedicine offers the best medical services in NJ along with catering to the medical needs of our local patients, we also strive to offer high quality services by meeting the healthcare challenges you and your family need ensuring seamless online urgent care services of non-complex conditions. We ensure to surpass all the boundaries to deliver the best services.

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Online Urgent Prescription Refill Services In NJ

Practitioners you get in touch with via an online portal will acquire the same standard of expertise as those you meet in person.

We offer limited supply until seen by your Primary Physician. You must provide a medication bottle during an appointment via video conference. $10.00 fee to verify through pharmacy if unable to provide.

Certain refills will not qualify. Refills at the determination of Provider. No controlled substances will be refilled.

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Evolution Telemedicine

Preventative/Wellness Care Center

Our online wellness care services in New Jersey include comprehensive appointments, detailed review of medical history, current medications, annual labs to test for medical conditions such as Diabetes, Cholesterol, thyroid disease, vitamin D deficiency, etc. Will also facilitate you with prescriptions for routine screenings for a mammogram, bone Dexa scan, low dose CT chest for smokers, will provide a referral to GI for colonoscopy if needed.

Follow-up appointment for review and recommendations for medication management/prescriptions if needed and referral for follow-up with an in-person primary care provider if further management is needed.

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Smoking Cessation

If you are a smoker/tobacco user and want to quit. Our online smoking cessation services in New Jersey include prescriptions that only require 2 follow-up visits for over course of 3 months.

‘Evolution Telemedicine’ provides highly effective smoking cessation medication, professional care to help you stop smoking. Our practitioner’s team strives to develop an effective stop-smoking medication strategy enhancing your motivation to quit.

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Online Birth Control Evaluation Services In NJ the USA

Our online birth control services ensure there are no contraindications for birth control treatment before prescribing.

Our medical professionals will evaluate your medical history thoroughly, review labs reports, monitor blood pressure and prescribe the safest 90-days birth control supply. A follow-up appointment is required for a prescription.

Risks for taking birth control include blood clots and pulmonary embolism.

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Medical Weight Loss

Your self-image is something crucial – how you feel about yourself can have an immense impact on your personality and confidence. When it comes to starting a continuing weight loss program, we can provide you with the best support for weight loss in New Jersey USA.

Evolution Telemedicine is at your service to offer you the complete weight loss and weight management program over a 3-month course with explanation and step-by-step prescriptions.

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It is important to note some conditions require in-person appointments. Patients with chest pain, unstable vitals, bleeding, stroke, slurred speech, facial droop, unilateral weakness, trauma, or other emergency conditions should not be treated via telemedicine. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, you should visit the emergency room right away.

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