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Get Online Prescription Services In New Jersey

As you may already know, pharmacists and physicians are bound by US law to provide only the required medical drugs through prescription. This is mandatory as the misuse or overuse of some potent medicinal drugs may have serious side effects, and they can even be lethal. Furthermore, control of the supply of prescription medicines is needed to discourage substance abuse of potentially addictive prescription-only drugs.

If you or your loved ones regularly need prescription-only medicines, getting prescription refills may be a hassle. Fortunately, with Evolution Telemedicine, it is possible to get an online prescription refill easily.

How It Works

To get an online doctor for prescription refill, you can reach out to us to discuss your needs 24/7. Following that, practitioners you connect with via an online portal will provide you with a prescription refill after verifying your prescription. They practice with the same standard of expertise as those you meet in person.

Online prescription services
Online doctor for prescription refill

Our Policies

Please note the following policies regarding our online prescription services:

  1. We offer limited supply until seen by your Primary Physician.
  2. You must provide a medication bottle during an appointment via video conference.
  3. If you are unable to show us your medication bottle for verification but still need your prescription medicines, we can verify your prescription through a pharmacy. However, a $10.00 fee will be charged for this.
  4. Certain refills will not qualify, and this decision depends upon the discretion of our licensed and trained healthcare providers who are on board.
  5. No controlled substances will be refilled.
  6. For new symptoms or undiagnosed conditions, you will be advised to opt for an online urgent care appointment.


It is important to note some conditions require in-person appointments. Patients with chest pain, unstable vitals, bleeding, stroke, slurred speech, facial droop, unilateral weakness, trauma, or other emergency conditions should not be treated via telemedicine. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, you should visit the emergency room right away.

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